Partikule ?

One interactive, digital, web agency? Yes, but...

what's this web agency

Partikule was founded in 2010 by Michel-Ange Kuntz, digital media specialist.

Before that, and during 8 years, he was project manager for the market's automotive supplier  leader. He created mobile solution and developed webapps, to bring innovation and user experience for business software.

Today, the Partikule's clients come from several horizon : Cultural institutions, perfumers, photographers, artists.

we love design
... but also technology!

User interfaces and user experience are at the center of our work.

We associate designers and technical experts, editors and information architectures.

This interdisciplinary approach is the basis of effective, clever and visualy perfect creations.

we create the web
... and share our knowledges

We're strongly involved in the future. That for, we develop web software which make data management very simple for the users.

Following this philosophy, we develop content management system called ionize.

More than only one CMS, ionize is an application framework. Because we believe in the sharing, ionize is open source.

we love your project
yes, we do!

For your project, we use effective methods to ensure the best quality result.

We transcribe your identity and message for Internet, but also make your business documents consistent with your strategy.

Together, we think and create your digital future.

The company

Capital 10.000 euros.

SIRET: 528 587 777 00012

CEE TVA: FR 68 528 587 777

Business address

14 rue de l'Aqueduc, 75010 Paris, France

+33 (0)1 84 16 75 21 -

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